Tumaini-Huruma Alumni Association

The Tumaini-Huruma Alumni Association was created in August 2016 and consists of young people who have graduated from one of two orphanages, the Tumaini Children’s Home and the neighboring Huruma Children’s Home. Both homes are under the purview of the registered nonprofit organization, Tumaini Children’s Home.

Until their merger in August 2016, the alumni of these orphanages created their respective organizations with the primary objective of engaging with its members to provide support and inspiration to each other and to the children residing in the two homes. Both organizations were inspired early on by young men and women in the community who used to visit them in the children’s homes and donate food, treats, and provide encouragement to the young residents on the value of a good education. The actions of these men and women brought joy to the lives of children who were touched by the generosity, care and love they received from strangers. When the young children graduated, they decided to “pay it forward” by sharing the same spirit they had received, leading to the birth of the alumni organizations.

The founding members of the Tumaini association in 2009 were Chrispoh Murungi (Chair), Rachel Maina (Secretary) and James Gititi (Treasurer). The Huruma association was established in 2015 under the leadership of John Mwangi (Founder), Beatrice Khakali (Chair), James Maina (Vice Chair), Beatrice Mwangi (Secretary), Julius Ekale (Treasurer), and Peter Aule (Organizing Secretary).

From April 2016 to August 2016, with the support and encouragement of Learn For Life Kenya, the Tumaini and Huruma leadership convened a series of discussions to merge both organizations and formally register a Community Based Organization (CBO) to maximize impact through a shared vision. In August the alumni leadership launched their merged alumni association and hosted their traditional annual fun event at the Tumaini Children’s Home campus.

Historically, the two homes have always aspired to establish projects that would eventually maintain the smooth running of the operations at the homes for the betterment of the young and vulnerable residents. The association’s newly drafted constitution is guided by the historical spirit and intent and enhanced by new ideas and partnerships. The Tumaini-Huruma Alumni Association, with a potential membership of 300+ alumni, has identified among its key goals and objectives to:

  • Assist with the development of income generating projects.
  • Raise awareness of the home’s accomplishments and needs.
  • Enhance unity among the alumni and community by leveraging their professional knowledge and networks.
  • Facilitate alumni members’ access to professional development opportunities.
  • Enable members to access finance through financial institutions.
  • Engage in activities that promote its members’ domestic welfare.

Meet the leaders of the Tumaini-Huruma Alumni Association:

Julius K. Wahome
Julius K. WahomeChairman
I was born on June 29th, 1988 and raised in a small village known as Chorong’i in Nyeri, Kenya within walking distant from Tumaini Children’s Home. My aspiration was to become a productive chap in society but life presented some serious hurdles. When I was six years, we lost my father, the provider for the entire family. My mother was courageous and presumed to take on all duties but we exceeded her capability to care for us all as she was just a mere farmer.

I went through pre-primary school (1994-1995), followed by primary school (1996-2004) where I was the second best in my class. However, joining high proved grim with scanty finances to afford school fees. This reality peeved me double. My mom was only able to raise half of the 1st term’s school fees for high school. After missing classes for almost a term, I approached the management of Tumaini Children’s Home and pleaded them to take me in so I could continue with my academics. I could not hide my ecstasy when I heard that there was a chance for me!

I joined Tumaini Children’s Home in 2005 and I entered school as a freshman. Life became calmer since we were provided with all basics for living. I finished high school in 2008 still under the care of Tumaini. I went on and joined college with the help of Tumaini Childrens’ Home in 2009-2012 where I studied Cooperative Management. Afterwards, I joined several companies offering industrial internships, as per the course’s policy.

In 2014, I joined K-Unity SACCO Society where I have functioned as a marketer, teller and currently credit officer. The company has helped me grow financially and even further my studies.

I am an intimate man, living a happy life and frequently paying visits to destitute kids and aged persons makes my heart feel restored.

In February 2018, I was elected as the Chairman of the Tumaini Huruma Alumni Association. With the aid of the management of Tumaini Children’s Home and Learn For Life Kenya, I have been able to network with many people to help make both homes a better place to live. Our determination is to make progress on living standard for the kids but most significantly to look at how Tumaini and its sister home, Huruma, can sustain themselves in the future by innovating and embracing various business ideas presented by THAA committees. It’s highly noted that training up children at a tender age makes them better in the future. We shall therefore put more effort in counseling our kids.

Finally, a quote from Jan Schakowsky, “There is a lot that happens around the world we cannot control. We cannot stop earthquakes, we cannot prevent droughts, and we cannot prevent all conflict, but when we know where the hungry, the homeless and the sick exist, then we can help.”


James Mburu Maina
James Mburu MainaSecretary
I joined Huruma Children’s Home in Nyeri in 2008. I came from Rift Valley province during the 2007/2008 post-election violence and had camped at Ruring’u stadium in Nyeri as an Internal Displaced Person (IDP). It was while I was there that the Patron of the Tumaini Children’s Home, Reverend Bernard Muindi paid a visit and requested the Home accomodate the children who were residing at the camp. At the children’s home, I was given shelter and an opportunity to go to school. I remained in the home until 2015 when I completed my undergraduate course in December.

I joined the neighboring Riamukurwe Secondary School in 2008 as a Form One student (9th Grade) and after four years sat for my Form Four national exams. I stayed one year at the Home and then through the help of the Think Kindness Kenya scholarship fund, I joined Kenya Methodist University in January 2013. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems in July 2016.

I enjoy playing soccer, watching movies, and travelling during my free time.

I am inspired by all the people who have changed my life and have given me hope for a brighter future through education. I feel compelled to give back to my fellow brothers and sisters through the Tumaini-Huruma Alumni Association because of all the support I have received.

It is my belief, hope, and prayer that the Tumaini-Huruma Alumni Association will inspire the kids and play a big role in their lives to change and help them morally, spiritually, and most importantly academically through constant encouragement and serving as a role model for the kids to emulate.

Beatrice Khakali
Beatrice KhakaliTreasurer
My name is Beatrice Khakali, and I am the Treasurer of the Tumaini Huruma Alumni Association. Our family of eight fled Western Kenya to Nyeri when I was very young due to violence. When I was four years old, my father passed away which was the beginning of our financial hardships that carried on through 2006, when I started secondary school. It was then that I boldly introduced myself to Reverend Bernard Muindi who facilitated my adoption into the Huruma Children’s Home. I remain grateful for the stability that this provided me as it allowed me to focus on my education.

Through the support of sponsors of and donors to the Tumaini Children’s Home, I enrolled in Murang’a College of Technology and earned a certificate in Food & Beverage in Service Production in 2011. In 2013 I completed a diploma in hotel management. I am currently an Assistant Manager at Batian Guest Hotel in Nanyuki and have had the opportunity to hire two women from the Huruma Children’s Home.

I love the children growing up in Tumaini and Huruma homes and enjoy using humor as a tool to connect with them. I am eager to see my brothers and sisters in the homes receive the same benefit that was accorded to me. I would also like to see them become useful and responsible people in society.