Tumaini Children’s Ministry

Tumaini Children’s Ministry, located in Nyeri, Kenya, caters to vulnerable children housed in Tumaini and Huruma Children’s Homes. The Ministry’s goal is to give hope to the hopeless or to the violated, neglected, abused and orphaned children in the society regardless of tribe, creed or religious affiliation. To ensure that no children are left uncared for, the homes provides food, shelter, clothing, education and medical care to all the 212 children residing within them.

The Tumaini Children’s Home was founded on July 27, 1997, out of a need to service the overwhelming number of underprivileged children of Nyeri who lived on the streets and could not afford even a day’s meal. The Ministry was founded by the former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA), Reverend Bernard Muindi, upon his retirement and is co-located with the church on 4.5 acres of land. Reverend Muindi and others then began to place these children in need under the care of the PCEA Riamukurwe Parish. Well-wishers then began collecting food and distributing to those children.

It was then determined that a better shelter was needed to house these children, so other donors magnanimously joined Reverend Muindi and the Parish to support the cause. One of the principal donors, Rev. Edward R. Danks, a former minister of Norton Presbyterian Church in Darien, Connecticut in the US, even sold his house and donated a significant portion of the proceeds to the cause. Other sources of funding have come from church donations, local and international donors and individual donations. The Ministry does not have permanent donors for its programs and activities and relies on the generosity of the above-mentioned sources.

Since its humble beginnings, the Tumaini Children’s Ministry has grown tremendously. The homes have the capacity to accommodate up to 300 children, but due to financial constraints, have been housing approximately 200 a year. The current facility holds 144 residents. In addition to providing the children shelter, it also feeds, clothes, educates, and trains the youth.

Children are admitted into the Tumaini Children’s Ministry after being identified by church leaders, social workers or members of the society. A welfare committee, a sub-committee of the Board of Management, then visits the homes of these identified children to confirm whether or not they qualify for admission into the institution. After the welfare committee’s recommendation, a court order is attained so the children can be admitted to the home. Once the children are welcomed into the home, they are then enrolled into nearby schools.