Project Description

Vocational Skills Training

The Need

When the Tumaini Children’s Ministry was started, the goal was to help marginalized children grow holistically. One of the cornerstones of the ministry was to empower the children with a formal education to enable them to become productive citizens in the community.

While some talented youth have completed high school and are pursuing university or vocational type training at several institutions of higher learning, and have become an inspiration to others, the majority of the graduates are unable to find jobs or become self-employed due to a lack of practical skills or opportunities. Additionally, the cost of attending public technical institutions is prohibitive and is not a realistic option for the majority of impoverished high school graduates.

The initial course offering at the Vocational Training Center will include trades that are considered highly marketable and relevant to the local context, specifically, plumbing, tailoring, computer technology, catering, mechanics, carpentry, and masonry. We also envision the development of future skill sets in photography, video production, graphic design, and others.

Our Response

The 70% youth unemployment rate, high cost of technical education, and Tumaini’s strong desire to prevent the young graduates from returning to their original environment, has compelled Learn for Life Kenya to support the development and implementation of the Tumaini Vocational Center.

Learn For Life Kenya has committed to:

  1. Assist Tumaini in their efforts to complete the vocational center building project; a four-story building in process.
  2. Serve as a catalyst for Tumaini’s fundraising efforts by bringing awareness of this cause to American and International donors.
  3. Facilitate an integrated approach to programming of context specific learning opportunities and the physical structure required to implement those programs.
  4. Engage with the local community in developing networks to ensure employment opportunities for the vocational center graduates.
  5. Collaborate with the Tumaini Children’s Ministry in defining a sustainable business/funding model.

Given the scope of the need, Learn For Life Kenya is committed to partnering with like-minded organizations and individuals to contribute financial and non-financial support to enable significant transformation.

Project Proposal

Click here to download the 2021 Tumaini Vocational Training Center Project Proposal.