Project Description

Leadership Development

Our Focus

Learn For Life Kenya is currently working with the greatest resource available for change: motivated, visionary young people with a desire to impact their community! These young people all previously resided at Tumaini Children’s Home and the neighboring Huruma Children’s Home and have recently created a unified Alumni Association to maximize their impact in the community.

Our vision is to partner on mission-aligned initiatives with the Tumaini-Huruma Alumni Association to enable us to achieve our shared objectives. We believe that engagement through leadership development, advocacy, financial and non-financial support will enable the community to become self-sustaining.

Our Involvement

In partnership with the Tumaini-Huruma Alumni Association, Learn For Life Kenya is focused on developing leadership capabilities to enable community resilience and sustainability. We are currently positioning the Tumaini-Huruma Alumni to more effectively empower youth under the purview of the Tumaini Children’s Home and surrounding community in acquiring vocational skills. We are mentoring and sponsoring the Alumni Association leadership in registering and operationalizing an inclusive and effective Community Based Organization with a sound governance structure as a means of maximizing impact.

Impact Measures

We will measure our short-term impact by our effectiveness though our ability to:

  • Motivate and support the successful registration and operation of an inclusive Tumaini-Huruma Alumni Association.
  • Promote vocational skills through the implementation of a sustainable social entrepreneurship initiative led by the Alumni Association.
  • Assist the Alumni Association in sharing its members’ “voices” to raise awareness of their goals and objectives.