Our Story

Anne Muindi-Shemenski and Bonnie Lee, co-founders of Learn For Life Kenya, met in August 2013 while both were visiting Nyeri, Kenya.

Bonnie and her family were volunteering in the area for the second time with Think Kindness, a US-based nonprofit organization. The Think Kindness team was bringing shoes, clothing, and hygiene items to the destitute children living at the two orphanages run by the Tumaini Children’s Ministry.

Anne, once a resident of Nyeri, was in Kenya from the US for her brother’s funeral and met Bonnie whilst continuing her philanthropic work at these two orphanages. The two women quickly realized a true connection; one rooted in a common faith and determination to use their resources for the betterment of those in desperate need. Over the next two years, they continued to talk about ways to make the most impact in Kenya, a country dear to their hearts.

Bonnie and Anne

Anne and Bonnie became convinced that the way to make the greatest impact in Kenya is to collaborate with local organizations that possess a track record for implementation of charitable services to those communities. They registered Learn For Life Kenya in May 2015 and held the initial Board meeting in July.  The Board approved the corporation’s bylaws, policies and inaugural project with Tumaini Children’s Ministry.  Following this meeting, Bonnie traveled to Nyeri, Kenya to introduce Learn For Life Kenya and refine potential partnership opportunities.

We look forward to sharing our exciting journey with you!