.Not the same this year—
2020 after all.
But let’s all give thanks.
Thanks for the nurses,
doctors, and frontline workers
who’ve been saving lives.
Thanks to the teachers,
staffers, parents, and others
who’ve kept kids learning.
Thanks to the vaccine
researchers and scientists.
You give us all hope.
Thanks to family
and friends for cheering us up
so we can endure.
Grocery workers
and delivery people—
thanks for all you do.
Thanks to all who’ve fed,
clothed, and housed so many in
this time of great need.
Thanks to pop culture
for finding creative ways
to entertain us.
(A special shout out
goes to Baby Yoda, who’s
brought me endless joy.)
We thank the leaders
who’ve kept businesses going
and employees safe.
Thanks to our colleagues,
who’ve done such great work and kept
team spirit alive.
And thanks, IT folks,
for keeping us connected
in this time of Zoom.
We reflect back, too,
on this year’s sadder moments,
and honor lives lost.
We remember those
who’ve died from COVID and from
other diseases.
We remember those
killed in acts of injustice
and say all their names.
We remember, too,
other loved ones who left us
during this tough year.
Take all of this in—
the inspiring, hopeful,
and sad moments, too.
Reflect on this year,
which we will never forget,
on the holiday.
And give one last thanks
because this year will end soon
and there’s hope ahead.


Learn For Life Kenya is committed to combining goodwill with contextually relevant solutions, strengthened by sound economics and grounded in the recognition that all humanity has dignity. We are a 501(c)(3) tax deductible organization. Proceeds from our current campaign will be used to complete the Vocational Training Center.