Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. (Desmond Tutu)

Vocational Training Center Update

We’re pleased to announce that a major phase in the construction of the Vocational Training Center was closed out last month. The skeleton crew that has been working on the center throughout the pandemic finished plastering the building and completed key mechanical and electrical work while working to safeguard each other’s health. We remain grateful for your support throughout this journey as we continue to lay the foundation for transforming the lives of marginalized youth in Kenya.

Our focus this month has been on scoping the next major phase of the construction. This phase entails installing windowpanes, applying floor finishes, painting, putting sanitary fixtures in the washrooms, installing firefighting systems, wiring main electrical panels and fixtures, and completing external drainage systems. The estimated budget for this phase is $120K.

Kenya Pandemic Update

Kenya’s government continues to impose stringent containment measures enacted in March to control the spread of the coronavirus. To date, over 445,000 tests have been conducted countrywide, with a total of 33,794 confirmed cases and 572 COVID-related deaths reported. Nyeri County, home of the Vocational Training Center, continues to experience a relatively low covid load and we pray that contact tracing, along with other measures, will further contain the spread.

This month our Pandemic Portraits reflect an act of kindness from an anonymous donor of Learn for Life Kenya who donated funds to the Wheelchair Foundation for the manufacture of 240 wheelchairs for distribution to the community we serve. Learn for Life Kenya facilitated the shipment and distribution of the wheelchairs to the end recipients, who were grateful for the life-changing gifts, particularly in these very challenging times. We were happy to be a part of this story, which aligns with our goals of enabling individuals living in the margins of society, fostering dignity, and inspiring hope. We hope many of the wheelchair recipients will choose to participate in the training offered at the Vocational Training Center when the building is fully up and running.

Pandemic Portraits

Marking Our 5th Year Anniversary.

In September, we will be launching our virtual giving campaign in lieu of our annual Gala. As 2020 is our 5th year anniversary and an in-person Gala will not be possible, we will be launching a series of virtual events where you can learn more about our work in small group formats. We look forward to engaging with you in those discussions.

Learn For Life Kenya is committed to combining goodwill with contextually relevant solutions, strengthened by sound economics and grounded in the recognition that all humanity has dignity.