March 2020 Newsletter

One Step at a Time

We at Learn For Life Kenya pray that all of you and your families are staying safe and healthy during this extremely challenging time. We continue to think of and stand with all our partners as we recognize the realities and significance of the COVID-19 pandemic, respect the guidance of healthcare professionals and government officials in both the US and Kenya, and patiently play our required roles to help minimize the consequences and spur a resolution to this crisis.

Vocational Training Center

Like the US, Kenya is struggling with a growing coronavirus outbreak. To try to contain the number of cases and prevent Kenya’s healthcare system from being overwhelmed, the government there has imposed a curfew to restrict movement at night. The measures implemented to date have so far not affected construction of the Vocational Training Center, although we recognize that could change and stand ready to abide by any guidelines that the Kenyan Government issues.

With that in mind, construction of the Vocational Training Center is progressing, and we have been able to work with our Kenyan partners to complete 80 percent of the current phase as of earlier this month. This phase entails plastering the entire building and completing mechanical and electrical work. Together with our partners, we have raised approximately $54,000 of the $67,800 of the required budget for this phase.


Water Harvesting

Learn For Life Kenya has been focused throughout the planning and construction phases of the Vocational Training Center on the need for incorporating sustainability as a way of reducing the building’s environmental footprint and lowering operational and maintenance costs.

Last year we partnered with a US-based nonprofit, Waterlines, to build two water tanks and a gutter system for the Vocational Training Center. Each of the tanks has a storage capacity of 54,200 liters (451 tons) and will collect rainwater from the 29,000 square foot building. The tank construction is close to completion and will soon begin capturing and storing rainwater.

We are deeply grateful to Waterlines for embracing our mission and goals, particularly during this time when the importance of clean water and hygiene is on the top of everyone’s mind.

5th Anniversary Gala

Learn For Life Kenya is committed to combining goodwill with contextually relevant solutions, strengthened by sound economics and grounded in the recognition that all humanity has dignity.

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