What’s Next for Kenyan High School Graduates?

On December 18, 2019, the Kenyan Ministry of Education released exam results for the nationwide high school exam – the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). The results, while marginally improved from the previous year, are a reminder of the need for Learn For Life Kenya’s mission to prepare young people in Kenya for employment through vocational skills training.

Out of about 700,000 students nationwide who sat for the exam, only around 125,000 (18%) will advance to universities across Kenya. The remaining students will need to seek other options for advancing their education and skills training so they can find jobs in a very tight labor market.

The Vocational Training Center that we have been supporting collectively will fill this vital gap and provide disadvantaged youth from across Kenya with the practical training they need to obtain jobs. Kenya’s youth unemployment is around 26 percent, and there is a drastic shortage of vocational training opportunities where youth can learn critical skills.

At the same time, vocational skills are in great demand. So if we can teach people the necessary skills, their chances of achieving self-sufficiency greatly improve.

The Kenyan Government has identified affordable housing, manufacturing, and food security as areas where there are particular needs for skilled workers and our Vocational Training Center is positioned to help Kenyan youth find employment in these areas.

  • On affordable housing, the government plans to add at least 500,000 homes in all major cities by 2022. This initiative is expected to generate over 350,000 jobs. The Vocational Training Center will include programs to train and accredit plumbers, masons, carpenters and other trades to help meet this need.
  • To support the government’s goals of creating 1.3 million new manufacturing jobs, we are developing strategic partnerships with Kenyan companies on vocational training efforts that will support this sector.
  • And on food security, we will provide training to help Kenyans start their own agribusinesses or find employment in this growing sector.

In 2020, we hope you will prioritize your giving to spur the completion of the Vocational Training Center. Your donation will help some of the half million youth who have limited options after high school by providing them with skills that foster dignity and inspire hope.

Thank you!


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