July 2019 Newsletter: Growing and Blossoming — The VTC, a New Agricultural Project, and Enduring Friendships

This week saw the beginning of the next phase of construction for the Vocational Training Center. The contractor’s skilled workers are busy building the windows, doors, and frames in his workshop, which is located about five miles from the VTC. Once the windows and doors are complete, the installation work will begin onsite, and this entire phase will be over in about 12 weeks. We are deeply grateful for your support and encouragement, which have enabled this progress.

This month, our Board launched the next campaign to raise funds for Phase 8, which we estimate will cost $62,000. This phase will encompass installing the electrical conduits and internal piping for the whole building as well as plastering the walls and ceilings.

To kick off the campaign, we have secured a pledge of $6,200 (10% of total estimate) and would like to invite you to join us in raising the remaining $55,800. Any level of support will be appreciated, as we remain focused on completing this center so that it can be used to help teach skills, foster dignity, and inspire hope to marginalized youth in Kenya.


Vocational Skills in Practice

Earlier this year our partners at the Tumaini Children’s Home launched a greenhouse project to help the home become self-sufficient and teach practical modern agricultural skills to the children. Organic tomatoes were selected as the inaugural crop because of seasonality and revenue potential. Although the first crop was hit by blight and suffered some losses, the overall harvest was bountiful and the challenge provided an opportunity to learn about infestation control and management.

The home recently created an agriculture club run by the older children, which will be responsible for managing the greenhouse and adjacent kitchen. The club is busy preparing the greenhouse and will once again plant tomatoes there along with capsicum, cabbage, kale, and cilantro in the adjacent kitchen garden. We are grateful to Dorian Ayres for the greenhouse donation and to First Presbyterian Church in Reading, Pennsylvania, for the open irrigation system that will be installed in the kitchen garden.

Kona ya Marafiki (Friends Corner)

This month we celebrate our friend Dorian Ayres, donor of the Tumaini Children’s Home greenhouse. Dorian, the founder of Dlyn Inspired, has been involved with the Tumaini Children’s Home since he was a sophomore in college and went on a mission trip to Tumaini with the Newport Beach Presbyterian Church. Dorian’s deep care for the vulnerable children at Tumaini, combined with his passion for quality nutrition, moved him to donate the greenhouse to help diversify the children’s diet.

Christopher Mwaniki, a Tumaini Children’s Home Alumnus, and Dorian Ayres. Dorian sponsored Christopher’s education at Daystar University in Nairobi.

Jifunze Kiswahili (Learn Swahili)

Our Swahili word of the month:
Shamba — Garden or Farm