June 2019 Newsletter: In Gratitude

This month we achieved two major milestones on the journey we started together a few years ago.

Together with our partners, the Tumaini Children’s Ministry, we successfully completed Phase 6 of the current Vocational Training Center construction. This phase involved erecting the exterior walls and installing the bannisters for the staircase and balcony. Through your generosity, we were able to donate $37,500 toward the completion of this phase.

We also fulfilled our Phase 7 campaign milestone focused on raising $53,000 for over 200 window casements and external doors of the 29,000 square foot building. We are looking forward to kicking off the construction in July.

More Construction Photos

What’s Next?

We are preparing to launch our next campaign focused on raising funds for Phase 8, which we estimate will cost $62,000. This phase will encompass installing the electrical conduits and internal piping for the whole building as well as plastering the walls and ceilings.

Future construction phases will follow floor by floor based on the required specifications to accommodate in-demand vocational skills training and achieve accreditation from the Technical Vocational Education and Training Authority.

We are deeply grateful to all of our supporters for joining us on this journey and look forward to continued engagement.

Pursuing Strategic Partnership with the Kenya Community Development Foundation

Learn for Life Kenya Co-Founder, Anne Muindi-Shemenski, and Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF) Executive Director, Janet Mawiyoo met on June 13th in Tysons Corner, Virginia, to discuss a potential partnership. Mrs. Mawiyoo was on an official tour in the United States to inform the Kenyan diaspora about the various initiatives KCDF leads in Kenya. Read More…

Kona ya Marafiki (Friends Corner)

Ebralie Mwizerwa

Today we celebrate our partnership and friendship with Ebralie Mwizerwa, Projects Coordinator with the Outreach Foundation based in Nashville, TN. The Outreach Foundation was the inaugural funder for the Vocational Training Center. Ebralie has been involved with the Tumaini Children’s Ministry since inception and provides strategic and operational guidance and support to the Board and Management of the Children’s Home. Ebralie also serves a key role in coordinating Tumani’s US partners as we serve our common purpose.

Learn more about Ebralie, a survivor of the Rwandese Genocide, through the inspiring and captivating movie Beautifully Broken, which is based on her family’s story.

Jifunze Kiswahili (Learn Swahili)

Our Swahili word of the month:
Shukrani or Asante – Thank you